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2016 Kids Camp Junior StaffKidsKids Camp is June 20-24 A Junior Cabin Aide is under the age of 18. They help serve a camp counselor or help on the work crew during Kids Camp.
BandCreative ArtsSign up to audition for one of our bands.
Camera OperatorCreative ArtsLearn how to be a camera operator for weekend services and special events.
College LeaderCollegeCollege Leader facilitate and lead a small group of College students.
Lighting TechnicianCreative ArtsLearn how to run lights for services and/or special events. May help with setup and tear down as well.
Prayer TeamReal MenThis team of men is committed to prayerfully uphold the needs of Real Men daily.
Real Men GreeterReal MenOur RM greeters provide a warm and friendly presence to our weekly Real Men attenders.
Real Men Small Group Leader or AssistantReal MenRM small group leaders are committed to shepherd their group by example and by facilitating biblical content.
Registration SupportReal MenHelps register men for Bible study on Wednesday mornings or Thursday evenings, by providing information, assigning them to their groups and by helping them feel welcome.
SecurityGuest ServicesProviding a safe and secure setting for our congregants
Senior Living/Nursing Home Bible Study LeaderGuidance & CareSeasoned Bible leaders who are interested in sharing the gospel to residents at senior living and nursing home facilities. Set your own schedule.
Special Events TeamReal MenThis team helps to provide vision, energy and service for special events that add flavor and fun to the overall ministry to men.
Video CrewCreative ArtsLearn how to work on a video production crew for weekend services or special events. Typically, volunteers in these positions will work the entire weekend of services once or twice a month. Positions include camera operator, graphics operator, director, shader, production assitant, etc. All training is provided.
2016 Kids Camp StaffKidsKids Camp is June 20-24 Camp Counselors lead and facilitate a cabin group during the week of camp. There are opportunities to serve as cabin counselors, counselor aids or on the work crew.
2's thru Kindergarten Junior VolunteerEarly YearsJunior volunteers are kids ages 10-18. They will work with kids 2-Kindergarten.
2's thru Kindergarten VolunteerEarly YearsThis opportunity is available for adults ages 18-99. Volunteers will serve kids ages 2-Kindergarten.
Audio EngineerCreative ArtsLearn how to run a sound board and set up vocals and instruments for events. May work in the Main Worship Center or in other venues around the church.
Auto Care VolunteerBillings & BeyondVolunteers change oil and detail cars. Volunteers must be 18 years of age. This is a designated Saturday from 7am-1pm.
Baptism Video Production AssistantCreative ArtsAssist filming and producing baptism testimony videos.
Bulletin StufferGuest ServicesOur bulletin stuffers meet weekly on Friday mornings to put together our weekend bulletins with outlines and other ministry inserts. Coffee and snacks are provided!
Child Care ProviderEarly YearsChild care providers will take care of kids during our mid week programs. Opportunities are typically available on Wednesday evening, Thursday morning and Friday evening.
Coffee BaristaSupportWilling to become skilled at making excellent drinks. Must have a cheerful disposition.
Early Years SubstituteEarly YearsSubstitute volunteers are called on an as needed basis.
Faith Group LeaderGroup LifeOur small group leaders at Faith Chapel have a vital role in the life of our church. We look at our leaders as the shepherds and saints of the church. In that, they help us take care of the people here at Faith Chapel, helping them connect with others and most importantly, with Jesus! In our leaders, we look for those that have a heart to make people feel welcomed; people that can facilitate conversation, people that know the important of communication and staying in touch with their group, and people that have a good understanding of what the Bible is trying to say to us. So simply, we look for people that LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE!
Food Bank VolunteerBillings & BeyondWe meet at the Food Bank on the first Saturday of the month at 8am. We sort food items and assemble boxes for those in need.
Funeral HelperGuidance & CareAssist in the preparation of funeral service at Faith Chapel. This would include ushers, greeters and guest book attendance along with arranging memorabilia and floral displays
GreeterGuest ServicesOur greeters provide a warm and friendly presence to our weekend guests.
HS Adult LeaderHigh SchoolAdult Leaders lead and facilitate a small group of High School students at 6:60 on Wednesday nights.
JHM Adult LeaderJunior High MinistryJHM Adult Leaders facilitate and lead a small group of Middle School students.
JHM Junior LeaderJunior High MinistryJHM Junior Leaders are under 18 years old and they facilitate and lead a small group of Middle School students.
Kids Ministry Junior VolunteerKidsThe kids junior volunteer is under 18. They help lead and facilitate a small group of kids ages 1st-5th grade during the weekend service.
Kids Ministry Junior Worship/ Tech TeamKidsThe Kids Ministry Junior worship/ tech team is under 18. They lead worship for 1st-5th graders on the weekends. The tech team runs technology during weekend services.
Kids Ministry Registration DeskKidsThe Kids Ministry Registration Desk Volunteer registers new families during the weekend services.
Kids Ministry VolunteerKidsHelping kids discover Jesus is real.
Kids Ministry Worship/ Tech TeamKidsThe Kids Ministry worship team leads worship for 1st-5th graders on the weekends. The tech team runs technology during weekend services.
Leadership Development ProgramInternshipThe Faith Chapel Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed to develop young leaders that are interested in gaining ministry skills and may be interested in work inside a ministry as an occupation. The LDP role is a volunteer position. Each participant commits to serve for nine months (fall to spring) for approximately 15 hours per week. In addition to their department responsibilities, participants attend one monthly meeting, a weekend retreat, and have a global missions opportunity.
Mail Run - AfternoonSupportHelp our staff on the week days by putting postage on outgoing mail and taking it to the post office. Also pick up any mail that is in our PO Box and bring it back to the church and distribute it into the staff mail boxes.
Marriage Contact FormGuidance & CareFill out this form to get more info about getting married at Faith Chapel.
Meal Prep for Weekend TeamCreative ArtsPrepare meals for Weekend Team and Volunteers that are rehearsing during meal times.
Moving CrewBillings & BeyondVolunteers will be contacted when moving requests come in. Volunteers must be 18 years of age and consent to background check.
Nursery Junior VolunteerEarly YearsJunior volunteers are kids ages 10-18. They will work with kids in the nursery.
Nursery VolunteerEarly YearsThis opportunity is available for adults ages 18-99. Volunteers will serve kids in the nursery.
Parking Lot GreetersGuest ServicesOur Parking Lot Greeters welcome new guests as they park in our first time guest parking area. They provide a great first impression before they enter the building by welcoming them and answering any questions they may have.
Pillar's HostDiscipleshipSomeone to provide snacks on a weekly basis for approximately 24-35 people
Sandwich CrewBillings & Beyond1 hour commitment on Tuesday evenings. You will be contacted for sign up schedule for how many times a month. Volunteers must be 18 years of age. No child care.
Shuttle DriverBillings & BeyondVolunteers must have valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, clean driving record, and complete training class on handicap lift on shuttles. Volunteers must be 21 years of age and consent to background check and DMV consent.
Sidney Kids VolunteerChurch PlantingVolunteers will serve kids ages birth through 6th grade on the Sidney Campus
Stage Shop HelpCreative ArtsHelp with projects in the scene shop, on stage or backstage -- some skilled, some not; Building, painting, load in and load out of stage sets, cleaning, whatever; Some projects could involve the volunteer using their own shop at home.
UsherGuest ServicesOur Usher's help guests to their seats, take offering, and pass out communion.
Welcome Center VolunteerGuest ServicesProvides a warm and friendly presence at the Welcome Center and answers questions anyone may have.